Eddie Hall signs boxing contract with Hafthor Bjornsson: ‘It all ends in the ring’

It seems Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie “The Beast” Hall’s feud may soon have a resolution — not in a lifting competition, but in the boxing ring.

Bjornsson on Saturday set a new world record in the deadlift, lifting 1,104 pounds and breaking the 1,102-pound mark Hall set in 2016. Following his record-breaking feat of strength, Bjornsson issued a challenge to Hall:

“CoreSports just offered me a seven-figure contract,” Bjornsson said. “I just knocked out your record, and now I’m ready to knock you out in the ring. Time to put your fist where your big mouth is and sign the contract. I’m ready. Are you ready, Eddie?”

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Hall — who placed his 2017 World’s Strongest Man trophy conspicuously in the background of his response video — rose to the challenge on Sunday, signing what appeared to be a contract to fight Bjornsson. If the deal is indeed legitimate, details still need to be worked out for a time and place for the fight.

(Warning: Foul language used).

“I’m going to train for this like I’ve never trained for anything before. I’m going to swim out to those dark waters, and I want you to come with me,” Hall tells Bjornsson. “And I’m going to keep swimming. And I can guarantee you — I don’t give a f— anymore. I’m not turning back. And you will.

“It’s a dark, deep, cold, horrible place. And it all ends in the ring.”

If you’re looking for the source of Bjornsson’s and Hall’s feud, it dates back to when the former called Hall a cheat at the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition (which Hall won). Bjornsson turned around the next year and claimed the title of World’s Strongest Man 2018. Now, it seems the two will settle their differences with not just their muscles, but also their fists.

That said, it seems Bjornsson has a clear height and weight advantage over his weightlifting rival: He stands 6-9 and 425 pounds, compared to Hall’s 6-3, 362-pound frame. It stands to reason he has a greater reach as well. Plus, Bjornsson has at least some combat training, as evidenced by his brief spar with MMA fighter Conor Mcgregor.

The only question that remains to be answered: Can ‘The Beast’ topple ‘The Mountain’?

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