How Jarran Reed made a fortune off Jadeveon Clowney by switching his jersey number for one year

Jarran Reed has been with the Seahawks since 2016 and has worn No. 90 for all but one of his four seasons with the team.

The defensive tackle wore No. 90 while attending Alabama, so it’s a number he enjoys. But in 2019, the Seahawks traded for Jadeveon Clowney, who has worn No. 90 throughout his NFL career. Clowney really wanted No. 90, so he ended up paying Reed a handsome sum for the number in 2019.

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“It wasn’t cheap, I’ll tell you that,” Clowney told ESPN Seattle. “I knew he wasn’t going to come up off it cheap, so I was expecting to pay for it.”

The amount of money was never revealed, but Clowney made it sound like he gave up quite a bit to get it. The best part for Reed is he apparently only had to part with the number for one season. He wore No. 91 in 2019 while Clowney wore 90.

Jarran Reed, Jadaveon Clowney

But Clowney hasn’t agreed to come back to Seattle in free agency, and at this point it appears as if he won’t.

Reed tweeted Wednesday he’s going back to No. 90, which could indicate Clowney isn’t coming back.

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Reed is still listed as No. 91 on the Seahawks official roster, but’s page has him at No. 90.

If he indeed has switched to No. 90 again, it’s interesting to see how this will play out with Clowney. Does this mean Seattle is done trying to get Clowney back, or will Reed end up double-dipping by forcing Clowney to buy back No. 90 for a second time? Time will tell.

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