Michael Jordan reveals he originally wanted to choose Adidas over Nike in ‘The Last Dance’

In Sunday’s broadcast of “The Last Dance” on ESPN, Michael Jordan told the story of how he came to sign with Nike at the beginning of his pro career.

Everyone knows how that story ends: Jordan launching his line of Air Jordans, the most footwear brand in all of sports. But what many didn’t know is that the deal almost didn’t happen. In fact, Jordan didn’t even want to meet with Nike and had planned to sign with Adidas.

His mother made him attend the Nike meeting.

Jordan said in the documentary that he preferred the style of Adidas shoes. The company was in a period of upper-level transition at the time, though, and told Jordan they couldn’t make the shoes work. They didn’t even make him an offer.

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Nike, meanwhile, made Jordan an offer he couldn’t refuse, offering a deal in the neighborhood of $250,000 — more than most of the top players were getting paid at the time — along with his own signature line.

Turns out, mom does know best.


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