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Take a deep dive, Virgo. Until April 19, the Sun is in Aries and your private, intimate eighth house. Oddly enough, this astrological cycle falls in line with any mandates to socially distance and self-isolate. And not to make light of that, but if you must stick to very small group gatherings or spend more time alone, you’ll be cosmically equipped to do so.

Typically, this is an ideal time for research and doing focused work. Find a few detailed projects that consume your attention and pour your energy into those. If you’re in a committed relationship, Aries season could serve up a lot of one-on-one time—and that’s compounded by the current world situation. Will closeness breed togetherness…or will familiarity breed contempt? It could go either way (or both!) under these extreme skies.

You may get your answer on April 4, when openhearted Jupiter and secretive Pluto unite in their first of 2020’s three conjunctions in Capricorn and your fifth house of passion and creativity. This is one day when it COULD be hard to keep your hands (or at least, your feelings) to yourself, no matter how many times you’ve washed them. A flirtation that’s been heating up could reach a full boil, and you’ll want to find a distance-appropriate way to express it for your situation.

This Jupiter-Pluto meetup can also escalate drama. Emotions you’ve been suppressing could come surging up, and shadowy Pluto could tempt you to deliver a low blow. While it’s important to air your honest feelings, even if they’re tough (cue Lizzo’s anthem “Truth Hurts”), make sure you’re not blaming or projecting in the process. A creative project you’ve been quietly working on might garner attention, bringing an unexpected burst of fame. Because Jupiter and Pluto only connect like this every 13 years, take advantage of any limelight opportunities that come your way. Their other two conjunctions will be on June 30 and November 12, so keep these dates in mind as times as the story unfolds further.

Practical matters take precedence on April 7 as the year’s only Libra full moon illuminates your second house of work, money and daily routines. Like so many people around the world, you may have a whole new set of concerns to address here. But under the illuminating beams of the full moon, opportunities are revealed. A project you’ve been working on since the Libra NEW moon on September 28, 2019, could reach a turning or tipping point. While you might have to pivot or adapt your idea to current conditions, that doesn’t mean you should abandon the whole venture. At this lunation, you may see a new way to approach things, a fresh doorway. Stay open!

Just watch for a tricky square that same day between brash Mars in your analytical sixth house and volatile Uranus in your ninth house of big ideas. A Mars-Uranus square can spark flaring tempers and irrational moves. People might suddenly change plans, or you could get caught up in your overthinking and miss an opportunity. While taking foolish risks and overconfident leaps isn’t advised, you don’t have to pick apart everything or have the entire plan mapped out to perfection. Take a small but definitive step—then, if that works well, take another, and another. Break your visionary plans into simple actions and get to work.

Midmonth, the Aries Sun in your intimate eighth house locks into two tense squares with potent Pluto (on April 14) and overconfident Jupiter (April 15), both in Capricorn and your expressive fifth house. You could be torn between keeping something in the vault and sharing it with the wider world. The Sun-Pluto clash can bring up control issues and power struggles, which could leave tempers flaring. While it might be a relief to the clear the air, be careful it doesn’t devolve into a shouting match or standoff. The next day’s Sun-Jupiter square could tempt you to reveal something better kept under wraps. When in doubt, keep it out…of your posts, emails, texts and Tweets!

Your optimistic side will begin to peek through on April 19 as the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Taurus and your ninth house of adventure, higher learning and travel. While you may need to take that last item metaphorically (staycation? A “journey of the mind”?), the next four weeks are all about stretching out of your comfort zone and voicing your truth. Maybe that means that you express a broader range of emotions—admit that you’re upset or feeling caged in rather than putting up a good front.

Or if you’ve been wallowing too much, you may begin to actively scout ways to see the glass as half-full. One Virgo we know, quarantined from city life on a small communal farm (really!), plans to learn how to grow food and medicinal herbs from one of her roommates. It’s a far cry from her “urban sophisticate” style, but embracing the new is what it’s all about for Virgos now.

The April 22 Taurus new moon beckons you to take a leap of faith. A calculated risk could pay off between now and the October 31 Taurus full moon. Whatever you were obsessing about midmonth could now become much clearer. This is also an excellent time for diving into a metaphysical topic or a course of study. Sign up for a workshop, teach what you know, publish your ideas. Personal development is also highlighted—when you’re cooped up with “me, myself and I,” you get a front-row seat to what makes you tick. Consider doing some transformational work through books, virtual classes and podcasts. While it may seem counterintuitive to focus on that now, this new moon is planting fertile seeds for growth and opportunity.

You’ll probably need to shake off some gloomy vibes from the day prior, though. On April 21, the confident Sun makes its semiannual square with dour and restrictive Saturn in your sixth house of wellbeing. This day can turn people unusually pessimistic since Saturn serves up a harsh dose of “reality” without any window dressing. If you find yourself headed down an emotional spiral, moving your body can help. Take it easy, though: No need for a vigorous workout, which could actually be too much today. Connect with nature on a (socially distanced) stroll. If you’re worried, talk to a friend who’s understanding but doesn’t fan the flames of your anxiety. And know that a new moon—and fresh start—is coming tomorrow!

On April 25, deep-diving Pluto begins its annual five-month retrograde, backing through Capricorn and your fifth house of romance until October 4. You may need to confront your own “shadow side” in love. Retrogrades can bring back people from our past, and Pluto in particular acts as a mirror showing us the parts of ourselves that we’ve disowned. If a love interest or close person pushes your buttons or you keep getting stuck on the same issue, consider this a potential blind spot that Pluto is revealing. Is it them…or is it you?

Caveat: This doesn’t mean you should put up with any abusive behavior, Virgo. Pluto can reveal that less savory side of humanity. If toxic former lovers or old unhealthy patterns crop up, the retrograde gives you a chance to step back—or step away—and turn the tide. You’ve been in this movie before, Virgo, so why sign on for the sequel?

Break free from anything restricting on April 26, when the bold Sun and liberator Uranus make their once-a-year conjunction (meetup) in Taurus and your expansive ninth house. Be a pioneer and inspire the troops. Acting on one of your “out there” ideas could actually pay off. You won’t know unless you try. Don’t let anyone convince you to go down the rabbit hole of fear and worry. Ignore anyone who calls you “unrealistic” or tell you that your ideas are “impossible.” Who cares if they end up being right? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


In perhaps a weird silver-lining kind of way, the love planets are in less romantic zones of your chart this month. With in-person dating a nonstarter for so many people, it’s good to have some cosmic support for keeping your (sanitized) hands to yourself.

Both love planets are in your career houses, making this a good time to strengthen your professional connections by adding extra personal touches to your relationships. Who knows—there might even be sparks with one of those coworkers over web conferencing calls.

Venus begins an extended trip to Gemini and your tenth house from April 3 to August 7, and Mars is in Aquarius all month (from March 30 to May 13), heating up your sixth house of administrative tasks and health. You’ll be extra vigilant—even more than you already are, which is saying a lot!—about hand-washing and appropriate distancing.

For couples, this is a perfect time to tackle shared projects, from planting a garden to decluttering to fixing up part of your home. Maybe you’ll even come up with a business venture together that will help your ride out the storm.

Venus normally visits each sign for about a month, but since the planet of amour will be retrograde (backward) from May 13 to June 25, she’ll spend an extra-long time in this zone. Venus turns retrograde every 18 months, which can be difficult for love; it’s a time when relationships hit rocky patches or require repair. Since retrogrades rule the past, an ex or two may resurface. Work could also become a source of tension, from fluctuating employment to remote officing to sharing space. The tenth house rules boundaries, and with Venus here for a prolonged spell, it could be challenging to find the right balance that doesn’t feel too rigid or overly permissive (at the expense of your standards). How much can (and should) you compromise? Prepare to tinker with that equation over the coming months.

Key Dates:
April 3: Mercury-Neptune meetup

Signals could get scrambled when dreamy Neptune encounters communicative Mercury in your partnership sector. Be patient if you don’t understand your love interest and pause to organize your own thoughts before expressing them. The good news? This combination of Neptune’s compassion and Mercury’s objectivity can help you handle sensitive topics gracefully.


Set your mind to “focus mode,” Virgo. Although the world is in a state of upheaval, this month’s stars encourage you to stay grounded in your power with your eyes on the prize. With the Sun in Aries and your detail-driven eighth house until April 19, you’d be wise to put some blinders on for a few hours a day and get things done. We’re not suggesting you bury your head in the sand—what’s happening out there is REAL. Just carve out some uninterrupted time to chip away at your mission, whether it’s a work assignment, reorganizing your finances or a tackling project that absorbs your attention (and stress). The eighth house is your zone of wealth, shared finances and assets. Join forces with a complementary soul for a win-win. Consider (conservatively) investing in something while prices are down, counterintuitive as that might seem.

The April 7 Libra full moon lands in your second house of work and daily income, which could bring a shift in duties with your job (no surprise) or a potential moneymaking opportunity. If you’ve been avoiding looking at budgets and bills, this full moon helps you face them. Call creditors and make arrangements—the whole world is in the same boat, and chances are you’ll be able to find some reprieve or at least, a bit of wiggle room. Optimism returns when the Sun moves into Taurus for a month on April 19, heating up your ninth house of entrepreneurship, study and visionary ideas. The April 22 Taurus new moon could spark a new idea or approach that brings unexpected good luck.

Key Dates:
April 3: Mercury-Neptune meetup

Do their actions match their words? Reasonable Mercury teams up with intuitive Neptune in your interpersonal sector, heightening your powers of perception. Pay attention to subtle cues like tone of voice or body language (yes, you can even pick that up on video). Someone might not even be aware of what they’re doing, so be compassionate without coddling them.

Love Days: 13, 18
Money Days: 26, 7
Luck Days: 22, 5
Off Days: 20, 3, 16

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