WWE Money In The Bank 2020 results: Otis and Asuka win briefcases in utterly ridiculous ladder match

The first WWE event after WrestleMania 36 is upon us.

Money In The Bank will follow WrestleMania’s example with a WWE Network event that has no fans in attendance — and a unique spin on the ladder match that will determine who will get their hands on the lauded briefcase that grants an opportunity at a WWE championship at any time.

With COVID-19 preventing fans from attending events, the WWE has shifted its annual PPV from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Md. to the actual roof of its corporate headquarters in Stamford, Conn. Six men and six women will compete in separate matches that are sure to be unlike any other ladder match in the history of the WWE. Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship against Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman will defend the WWE Universal Championship against Bray Wyatt.

Also scheduled is a WWE “SmackDown” Women’s Championship match, as Bayley defends against Tamina. There also is a Fatal 4-Way match — comprised of The New Day defending against The Miz & John Morrison, The Forgotten Sons and Lucha House Party — for the WWE “SmackDown” Tag Team Championship.

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Who will come out on top? Stay tuned as Sporting News will deliver live play by play of all the action tonight.

WWE Money in the Bank 2020 results, highlights (all times ET)

9:25 p.m.: FINISH: With the women’s match completed, we shift to the men where Otis and Baron Corbin are doing battle. Otis hits the Caterpillar elbow but Black enters and cracks him with the Black Mask. Rey Mysterio emerges and battles with Black over the ladder. They both climb up but AJ Styles pops into the ring and tosses both off the ladder. As they brawl, Styles gets the advantage and lays out Otis with The Phenomenal Forearm. Styles heads up the ladder but is met by Corbin at the top. Styles and Corbin both have the briefcase down and are fighting over it. Elias emerges and cracks Corbin over the back. Styles attempts to celebrate but drops it right into the hands of Otis. Otis is Mr. Money In The Bank. 

WINNER #2: Otis

9:20 p.m.: FINISH #1: Styles and Bryan battle their way into Vince McMahon’s office where the boss promptly throws them out. Before leaving, they fix the chairs and close the door. Vince sanitizes his hands before getting back to work. Styles and Bryan rib each other outside the door before fighting again. Nia Jax, Lacey Evans and Asuka make it to the rooftop and enter the ring. Nia gets the advantage and tosses Lacey Evans outside. She’s in the ring with the ladder. Asuka stops her from climbing the ladder and the two go at it. Lacey Evans heads in and drops Nia Jax with the Woman’s Right. Evans is almost up the ladder but Asuka takes her down. Asuka sets up the ladder but Evans attacks. Asuka and Evans battle with Asuka sending Evans down onto Nia Jax. Baron Corbin emerges as Asuka is about to grab the briefcase and Asuka kicks him off the ladder. Asuka wins the women’s Money in the Bank! 

WINNER #1: Asuka

9:10 p.m.: After Nia Jax powerbombs Carmella through a table, Otis meets her face to face while chowing down on a sandwich. They go their separate ways and Otis ends up in a kitchen. Johnny Laurinaitis shows up and is met with a pie to the face. Asuka finally pops up and is scrambling past the women, who all give chase while beating each other down. 

9:06 p.m.: Shayna, Nia and Dana spill into a conference room. Dana takes Nia out with a chair and finds a briefcase filled with money. Stephanie McMahon reminds her that it is the wrong briefcase. As Dana Brook frowns, Carmella cracks her with a picture but walks right into Lacey Evans and the Woman’s Right. Did I mention how ridiculous this is? AJ Styles finally emerges and is in pursuit of Rey Mysterio but is scared stiff by a poster of The Undertaker. Styles enters a room with a casket and has flashbacks of his WrestleMania match. Freaked out, Styles attempts to leave but is kicked by Black and locked in the room. Paul Heyman is now seen with a ridiculous spread of food as everyone meets in front of his table. This is so silly. Heyman tries to calm everyone down but Otis flips his wig and throws a tray of food into Heyman’s face, starting a food fight. In the midst of the fracas, Shayna chokes out Mysterio. Yeah, this is nuts. 

9:00 p.m.: Baron Corbin attempts to launch a weight at Daniel Bryan’s head but misses and shatters the mirror. Otis traps AJ Styles underneath weights and all the men take off, leaving Styles. Rey Mysterio stops at the bathroom to find Brother Love exiting the stall. This is so ridiculous. The men pile into an elevator and head up, leaving Mysterio. The women are on the same floor as the men and a brawl breaks out. Asuka hides in the elevator and Black takes off as well. Corbin is trapped on some makeshift ropes as Daniel Bryan lands “Yes” kicks while Otis cheers him on. Bryan had enough of that and kicks Otis. As Corbin and Otis are left laying, Doink the Clown makes an appearance. What?

8:53 p.m.: The scene has shifted to WWE Corporate HQ for the Money in the Bank ladder matches. They introduce the women by the elevators and the men in the workout room. Asuka is nowhere to be found when introduced. Oh, she’s already on the second floor. Wait, are these matches happening at the same time? Oh my goodness. Asuka immediately dives on the women and has a good laugh before dancing to the elevators. The rest of the women head for the stairs. Meanwhile, the men are going at it in the workout room. 

8:50 p.m.: R-Truth talks about beating MVP (he didn’t) and then says he needs to get his baby back and is after Tom Brady for the WWE 24/7 championship. Of course, more goofball antics by R-Truth but they’re going to have to give Rob Gronkowski something to do before the NFL season starts. 

8:47 p.m.: FINISH: This has been a hell of a match. Rollins hit his patented superplex into a Falcon Arrow of the top but couldn’t capitalize with a Curb Stomp. McIntyre hits the Future Shock but Rollins kicks out. Rollins counters the Claymore Kick with a superkick and follows with a Curb Stomp! McIntyre kicks out! Rollins is beside himself. He’s given McIntyre his best and couldn’t put him away. A second Curb Stomp is countered with a Glasgow Kiss. Rollins superkicks McIntyre, who bounces off the ropes and lands the Claymore Kick to finish the job. That was a phenomenal match. After the match. McIntyre demands Rollins’ hand to shake. Well done. 

WINNER: Drew McIntyre 

8:39 p.m.: McIntyre catches Rollins on a dive attempt and belly to belly tosses him onto the commentator’s table. After some more offense, McIntyre attempts a Claymore Kick but Rollins rolls to the outside. Rollins regains the advantage by draping McIntyre’s next on the top rope. Rollins hits a frog splash to the tune of a one count. 

8:30 p.m.: After some early dominance by McIntyre, Rollins attacks the knee of the champion and swings the momentum his way. Rollins dives onto McIntyre outside the ring, rolls him back in and hits the slingblade. Rollins with a single leg Boston crab and chains several submissions together. McIntyre gets to the ropes but the damage has been done. Rollins takes McIntyre to the outside and hits a flying knee off the commentator’s table. Total dominance by Rollins. 

8:23 p.m.: Drew McIntyre defends his WWE Championship against Seth Rollins next. Rollins has new entrance music to go along with the Monday Night Messiah persona. Rollins has been exceptional in this role but it’s unlikely that he can peel the title away from McIntyre a month after WrestleMania. 

8:17 p.m.: The mysterious character that has been spying on the WWE roster is teased again. If it isn’t Ali, I don’t know what we’re doing here. 

8:15 p.m.: FINISH: Wyatt attempts to hit a second Sister Abigail but Strowman powers out with a chokeslam. Strowman tosses Wyatt to the outside and charges into Wyatt and sends him into the barricade. Strowman pulls ou the black sheep mask from his early Wyatt Family days and Wyatt is elated. Strowman drops to his knees and it seems as if there’s an allegiance. As Wyatt’s celebrates with a hug, the entire Firefly Fun House celebrates with him. Strowman pushes Wyatt away and discards the mask. Strowman stomps the mask, snatches Wyatt up, hits the power slam and retains the title. After the match, there’s a tease of The Fiend as Wyatt stares at Strowman. 

WINNER: Braun Strowman 

8:08 p.m: After some early offense from Braun, a miscalculated shoulder tackle sends Braun into the commentator’s table. Bray takes over with some offense with some urging from Huskus the Pigboy. Bray lands a hard clothesline and works the champion over. Bray hits the Sister Abigail but Braun kicks out!

8:00 p.m.: Braun Strowman will look to defend his WWE Universal Championship against Bray Wyatt. It’s important to note that it is not “The Fiend” and just Bray Wyatt. You know what that means? Braun Strowman will likely retain and The Fiend will look to get revenge at a later date. Pretty predictable. At least there’s some backstory between Wyatt and Strowman from The Wyatt Family days, right?

7:51 p.m.:FINISH: The mean girls act finally backfired as Tamina went to work with a series of superkicks and power moves. A superkick and Samoan drop combo appeared to be the end of Bayley until Sasha Banks teased interference. Tamina gave chase and Bayley snuck in a rollup to get the win and retain the title. No, it wasn’t very good and it didn’t push the narrative for a Bayley-Sasha split. As a matter of fact, Sasha’s post-match attack likely means that they are going to drag this out even longer. Hooray. 

WINNER: Bayley

7:47 p.m.: A lot of talking and taunting from Bayley to the “nicer” version of Tamina until, predictably, it upset Tamina and we have a match. Bayley is dominant for the most part and counters a Tamina superkick attempt with a kneebar. The story here is Bayley taking Tamina’s legs out to slow her down. 

7:40 p.m.: Bayley will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Tamina. It’s been a 211-day reign by Bayley and it’s unlikely she’ll drop the title to Tamina. However, it’s likely that more seeds will be planted for the inevitable split and feud with Sasha Banks. We all know how this is going to go but how much longer do we have to wait before we get to it?

7:32 p.m.: FINISH: A glorified squash match with Lashley beating up on R-Truth, dodging a scissor kick and hitting the spear. Still doesn’t make sense but at least it was short. Maybe Lashley will ditch Lana for MVP?

WINNER: Bobby Lashley

7:30 p.m.: Uh, okay. Truth and MVP exchange words and Bobby Lashley appears to step in for MVP. So, now we have an R-Truth vs. Bobby Lashley match. Yeah, I don’t know why either. 

7:26 p.m.: For reasons unknown, we’re getting an R-Truth vs. MVP match next. There’s literally no reason for this match except to get some R-Truth antics as he plays to a crowd of nobody. 

7:20 p.m.: FINISH: Frantic action and near falls that begins with Big E being tagged in and a double team powerbomb stomp on Cutler. It looked as if Miz and Morrison would get the win when The Forgotten Sons hit their finisher on Big E and they attempted to steal the pinfall. Lucha House Party also came close to victory by hitting a splash and elbow drop on Big E. After Riker was tossed out for interfering in the match, Big E rolled through a splash attempt by Gran Matalik to hit the Big Ending while Kofi nails Lince Dorado with Trouble in Paradise to retain the titles. Solid match with a good finish. 


7:11 p.m.: Decent action so far but the highlight is John Morrison hitting Gran Metalik with a Spanish Fly off the top rope and into the rest of the participants on the floor. Exceptional. 

7:06 p.m.: We’re kicking off the Money in the Bank with the Fatal 4-Way for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The New Day will defend against Miz & Morrison, Lucha House Party and Forgotten Sons. The New Day just won the titles back so it’s hard to see them coughing up the title immediately after. Otherwise, why do the title swtich in the first place?

7 p.m.: Welcome to Sporting News’ coverage of WWE Money in the Bank 2020. Before we get started, here are my official predictions. 


  • MITB women’s match: Asuka
  • MITB men’s match: Aleister Black
  • Strowman vs. Wyatt: Braun Strowman
  • McIntyre vs. Rollins: Drew McIntyre 
  • Bayley vs. Tamina: Bayley
  • Fatal 4-Way Tag: The New Day 

Money in the Bank 2020 matches

  • Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans vs. Carmella in a Money in the Bank ladder match for a women’s championship match contract
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Aleister Black vs. King Corbin vs. Otis vs. AJ Styles in a Money in the Bank ladder match for a world championship match contract
  • Braun Strowman (c) vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt for the WWE Universal Championship
  • Bayley (c) vs. Tamina Singles match for the WWE “SmackDown” Women’s Championship
  • Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Seth Rollins Singles match for the WWE Championship
  • The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) (c) vs. The Miz and John Morrison vs. The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler, Jaxson Ryker, and/or Wesley Blake) vs. Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado) Fatal 4-Way Tag team match for the WWE “SmackDown” Tag Team Championship
  • R-Truth vs. MVP
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro

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