WWE Money in the Bank cash-ins: Complete list of successes and failures for the MITB contract

Straight cash, homies.

For all the criticism WWE gets, and deservedly so, one of its better concepts in the past 20 years has been the Money in the Bank contract. It’s almost always made for exciting matches and outcomes, sometimes birthed stars — and sometimes resulted in failure.

In all, 23 Money in the Bank contracts have been handed out through the years, with various Mr./Ms. Money in the Banks being crowned. There have been 19 successful cash-ins, with two straight losses, one DQ finish and one No Contest to go along with them. 

Here’s a look at all of them:

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Money in the Bank cash-ins


Event contract won and time held: WrestleMania 21 (April 3, 2005), 280 days

Cashed in: Jan. 8 2006, New Year’s Revolution

Labeled as the “Ultimate Opportunist,” Edge cashed in his contract after an Elimination Chamber match in which John Cena successfully defended his WWE Championship. Edge hit Cena with two Spears, exchanging his “Mr. Money in the Bank” title for WWE Champion. 

Rob Van Dam

Event contract won and time held: WrestleMania 21 (April 2, 2006), 70 days

Cashed in: June 11, 2006, ECW One Night Stand

Unlike most other cash-ins, “The Whole F’n Show” let his intentions known that he was challenging John Cena for the title ahead of time on the May 22 episode of “RAW.” Van Dam was successful in his cash-in, winning the WWE Championship after Edge interfered and hit Cena with a Spear through a corner-leaned table. 

In a nice touch, Van Dam was announced as “new ECW Champion” after the victory.


Event contract won and time held: “RAW,” (May 7, 2007), four days (one, from event to event)

Cashed in: May 8, 2007, “SmackDown”

Originally, Mr. Kennedy won the contract, but lost it in a match to Edge on “RAW,” who jumped ship to “SmackDown” quickly after, winning the World Heavyweight Championship from the Undertaker on “SmackDown.”

CM Punk

Event contract won and time held: WrestleMania 24 (March 30, 2008), 92 days

Cashed in: June 30, 2008, “RAW”

The first of several world championships for CM Punk came a little earlier than most anticipated, as he defeated Edge after he was attacked by Batista during a promo on “RAW.” Punk hit a GTS and won the World Heavyweight Championship.

CM Punk

Event contract won and time held: WrestleMania 25 (April 5, 2009), 63 days

Cashed in: June 7, 2009, Extreme Rules

Jeff Hardy’s championship celebration was short-lived, as Punk cashed in after Hardy’s victory over Edge at Extreme Rules 2009. Punk hit two GTSs for the victory and his second World Heavyweight Championship. 

Jack Swagger

Event contract won and time held: WrestleMania 26 (March 28, 2010), two days

Cashed in: March 30, 2010, “SmackDown”

Swagger won his first and only top title belt in WWE (the ECW Championship does not count), pinning Chris Jericho on an episode of “SmackDown.” Now, the two are Inner Circle members in AEW. 


Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2010 (July 18, 2010), less than one hour

Cashed in: July 18, 2010, Money in the Bank

Kane wasted no time with the briefcase, pinning Rey Mysterio with a Tombstone Piledriver after Mysterio retained the title against Jack Swagger the same night. 

The Miz

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2010 (July 18, 2010), 127 days

Cashed in: Nov. 22, 2010, “RAW”

Winner of the red brand’s briefcase in 2010, The Miz would go on to win the WWE Championship from Randy Orton after Orton was attacked by The Nexus following a title defense versus Wade Barrett.

Daniel Bryan

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2011 (July 17, 2011), 154 days

Cashed in: Dec. 18, 2011, Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Bryan’s win at MITB 2011 was a shock to many, as people view that night’s event as one of the best WWE has run in decades. He would first attempt to cash in the contract vs. Big Show, winning, but the cash-in was negated. He would eventually cash in on Mark Henry, winning the first title of his illustrious WWE career.

Alberto Del Rio

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2011 (July 17, 2011), 28 days

Cashed in: Aug. 14, 2011, SummerSlam

The Summer of Punk came to an end when Alberto Del Rio defeated the undisputed WWE Champion after a match with John Cena. Del Rio had attempted to cash in at Money in the Bank the month prior when CM Punk was threatening to leave with the title. The match never officially started, giving Del Rio a second crack at Punk later on.

Dolph Ziggler

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2012 (July 15, 2012), 267 days

Cashed in: April 8, 2013, “RAW”

Ziggler’s moment finally came 267 days after winning the briefcase, the second-longest time any male wrestler has held the contract. He defended the contract twice and successfully cashed in against Alberto Del Rio the night after WrestleMania 29 in front of a raucous New Jersey crowd.

John Cena

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2012 (July 15, 2012), eight days

Cashed in: July 23, 2012, “RAW”

Cena’s cash-in was, actually, unsuccessful. While he won the match, he won it because of disqualification, and as we all know, the title cannot change hands in the event of a disqualification. CM Punk would hold the title until the Royal Rumble the next year. Cena also gave notice of his intent to challenge for the title, a pure babyface move.

Damien Sandow

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2013 (July 14, 2013), 106 days

Cashed in: Oct. 28, 2013, “RAW”

Sandow did what Cena couldn’t — lose on a cash-in outright. He became the first man to lose a contract cash-in after losing to Super Cena on an episode of “RAW.”

Randy Orton

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2013 (July 14, 2013), 35 days

Cashed in: Aug. 18, 2013, SummerSlam

Just seconds after Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena and finally secured the elusive brass ring once again, Randy Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase with an assist from former Evolution stablemate Triple H, who had been the special guest referee in the prior title match.

Seth Rollins

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2014 (June 29, 2014), 273 days

Cashed in: March 29, 2015, WrestleMania 31

There was a light at the end of the Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns feud, and his name was Seth Rollins. Rollins held the briefcase longer than any other male superstar and became the first to cash in at WrestleMania, turning the singles match between Lesnar and Reigns into a triple threat. 


Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2015 (June 14, 2015), 161 days

Cashed in: Nov. 22, 2015, Survivor Series

Sheamus cashed in his briefcase just seconds after Roman Reigns defeated former Shield stablemate Dean Ambrose for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

Dean Ambrose

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2016 (June 19, 2016), less than one hour

Cashed in: June 19, 2016, Money in the Bank 2016

Ambrose could hardly weight, cashing in his briefcase later that night, securing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after pinning Seth Rollins with the Dirty Deeds. 


Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2017 (June 18, 2017), 287 days

Cashed in: April 10, 2018, “SmackDown”

‘Mella is Money. Kind of. The winner of the first ever women’s MITB ladder match got a controversial assist from on-screen boyfriend James Ellsworth, who pulled the briefcase down on Carmella’s behalf. She would be stripped of the briefcase because of the finish, eventually regaining it that week on “SmackDown.”

Carmella’s long 296* days (287 days if you don’t include the time she was stripped of the contract) with the briefcase would culminate in a victory over a beaten Charlotte Flair on “SmackDown.”

Baron Corbin

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2017 (June 18, 2017), 58 days

Cashed in: Aug. 15, 2017, “RAW”

Corbin would be the second wrestler to lose a cash-in match, losing to then WWE Champion Jinder Mahal on a roll-up, after a distraction from John Cena. 

Alexa Bliss

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2018 (June 17, 2018), less than three hours

Cashed in: June 17, 2018, Money in the Bank 2018

Alexa Bliss was certainly impatient, cashing in her contract the same night she won it, interrupting the match between Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey, incapacitating Rousey, cashing in and winning the “RAW” women’s championship.

Braun Strowman

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2018 (June 17, 2018), 70 days

Cashed in: Sept. 16, 2018, Hell in a Cell

Strowman’s time with the briefcase was an odd one. He announced his intention to cash in the briefcase early, before even knowing who his opponent would be, and his championship match ended in a No Contest. Unfortunate end to one of the hotter stars at the time.


Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2019 (May 19, 2019), less than two hours

Cashed in: May 19, 2019, Money in the Bank 2019

Bayley is the fourth wrestler overall to cash in her contract on the same night it was won, defeating Charlotte with an elbow drop to win the “SmackDown” women’s championship.

Brock Lesnar

Event contract won and time held: Money in the Bank 2019 (May 19, 2019), 56 days

Cashed in: July 14, 2019, Seth Rollins

Lesnar was an unannounced member of the Money in the Bank ladder match, securing the contract and making fans weep everywhere. He would cash in on Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules in 2019.

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