Yet another Isaiah Thomas is being confused with Isiah Thomas because of ‘The Last Dance’

Twitter can’t seem to keep their Thomases straight.

Former Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas has been the subject of scrutiny and criticism since the start of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” reached television screens in April. In the docuseries, Thomas is painted as a villain to the Jordan-led Bulls teams, as Twitter has reached its apex of hate for the retired guard and front-office man.

This has led to some confusion. But, Twitter can be impetuous and reckless, as we know. A few weeks ago, current NBA point guard Isaiah Thomas — note the extra A in the first name — took to Twitter to explain that he wasn’t the Thomas of Detroit fame.

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Well, it’s happening again. On Sunday, Oklahoma Sooners defensive end Isaiah Thomas — also spelled with that extra A — pointed out he’s getting some extra attention due to the name.

This Isaiah Thomas is entering his junior season coming off a two-sack campaign in 2019. You won’t find him near a basketball court, folks. There is another Thomas, just as there was another babka.

Some of the replies were confusingly hilarious.

So, please, Twitter, stop sending mean DMs to dudes named Isaiah Thomas. You’re not getting anything done. Just hurting feelings.

(By the way, you can find the real Isiah here.)

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